SMS – Texting Campaigns

Our SMS (texting) Campaigns work quite similar to the QR code ones. What is different is that in this case, the request from the customer is done by texting a keyword to a number on the texting program of their Smartphone.

Our SMS proprietary system can handle way more that just mechanically responding to a coupon request although that is a great use for them. It can also be used to:

  • Conduct Polls¬†
  • Text to Win Contests
  • Vehicle Listings
  • Property Listings (as in the example, below)
  • Text to Screen
  • Birthday Wishes
  • Loyalty Programs (such as virtual punch cards as in 5 punches = a free entree)
  • Virtual Business Cards

Here is an example of a use for SMS in the real estate business. This example is of a sign that is hung from a real estate property sign. Not only does the SMS program deliver a link to the potential buyer standing in front of the property for sale, but also it sends a text, with the prospects phone number, to the real estate agent to let them know that they have an interested prospect. The agent can then either call or text the prospect, to offer a live tour and answer questions.

This is a live demo. If you text the code to the number as the sign instructs, you will be given the opportunity to view the property listing and a virtual tour. (If you are reading this on a Smartphone, you, obviously won’t be able to scan the QR code and will have to manually enter the SMS code and number.)