Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are used to describe Internet applications that run on smartphones and other mobile devices. Mobile applications usually help users by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers, or help them by making it easier to use the Internet on their portable devices.

We now have proprietary software that allows us to craft custom apps for our business clients. Some of the functionality that we can build into the apps include:

  •  Loyalty & Check-In programs – They are both great ways to get repeat customers for your business. The check in tab allows businesses to be their own “Foursquare” because their customers will be able to “check in” X number of times in exchange for a discount or special offer. And the loyalty tab lets businesses create their own mobile “punch” card where their customers purchase X number of items and get the nth number (that they determine) free.
  • Web Site Tab – This is basically a link to any web page.
  • QR Code Coupon – This is a great way to get repeat customers for your business and should be used whenever it makes sense for that type of business.
  • Tip Calculator 
  • PDF Menus – This is a quick was for restaurants to provide a menu but it is not as easy to read or as effective on mobile devices as a custom made menu on a mobile friendly website.
  • Daily Specials – This is a tab to use if the business has items that change daily, weekly or monthly. And, of course you would call it weekly special or monthly special, etc.
  • Email Photo Function – This is a great tab that uses native iPhone functionalities. Think of creative reasons that you can use these for your customers and include this tab when you can.
  • Mobile Food Ordering – This is a very important tab to use for restaurants. It’s a great service and a reason for people to revisit the app, which Apple likes.
  • Sports Stats function – This is a tab that tabulates scores and can be used for any business in which the customers keep scores: such as a golf course, bowling alley, etc.
  • Email Form – This is a great tab to use to have customers and prospects submit information to your business. For example, an attorney could have an email form tab for information about their legal problem.
  • Car Finder – Allows your customer to easily remember where they parked their car by setting the geo-location when they park, take a picture of the area, email the location to themselves, and has a build in timer if the car is at a parking meter.
  • Events function – This tab is a MUST for any business that holds events, such as a restaurant that hosts special wine dinners, etc. The tab allows users to share out info on their FB wall which can help your events have a viral nature. This is a very high value tab and should be used whenever you can in an app.
  • Mailing List function – It  integrates with email services such as Constant Contact, MailChimp and should be used to help you build email lists.
  • Around Us function – Provides a way to display relevant businesses that are near your business from within your App. You’re able to provide GPS Directions and a brief description about why you’re including the nearby businesses. For example, a hotel could use it to let customers know of nearby restaurants.
  • GPS Coupon function – It’s a way for businesses to reward frequent customers with incentives for repeat business and you should use it whenever it makes sense. It works just like FourSquare, by rewarding the user for just “checking in”. Because it uses iPhone native functionality, it’s an app that makes Apple happy also, another reason to use it.
  • RSS Feed – The best use for an RSS feed tab is to keep your clients updated on important information regarding your business. You should add the RSS feed of your blog if you have one. That’s a great way to help connect customers and create dynamic content inside your app.
  • Tell a Friend – Allows your customers to let their friends know about your app.
  • Voice Recorder – This tab’s features are just as it sounds. It allows users to record and then send in voice notes. For example, you could have an app for an insurance agency and the voice recorder could be used to describe a car accident. This tab uses iPhone native functionality and should be used whenever you can make it make sense in your app. It’s very easy to setup and very useful for some industries!
  • Message function – Basically this tab just displays the push notifications sent through the app. Push notifications are one of the best features of the app and should be used in every app. They are a great way to update customers on specials, deals, events or anything else! As soon as the message is sent out, it appears in the app whether the phone is on or not. Think of it as email marketing but with a much better open rate.
  • Merchandise Function – This tab is an easy way for you to make sales right through your app.
  • Image Gallery – The image gallery tab is a great way to natively display images inside your app. We highly recommended it for businesses with a large amount of photos to display.
  • Fan Wall –  It’s a great way for your customers to make comments and share those comments and/or photos on social media about your business. They can also use it to ask questions, interact with each other, the comments can be viewed on a GPS map, you can view recent and near by comments, users can also upload photos to comments, and view all photos uploaded. This increases the interactivity of your app. Note that there is no approval process for the these comments therefore, they can be good or bad so make sure you monitor what is being said on a regular basis.